One of our most popular and fun performance pieces at DabbledooMusic is John Ryan's Polka.

We've performed it with thousands of children, teachers and parents over the last few years.

Our 2020 Patrick's day challenge:

  • Practice a performance, with whatever instruments you have in your home
  • Video your best performance on your phone
  • Share with friends and family in Ireland and abroad on social media or private messages
  • Spread some Patrick's day fun!

All you need to do is choose a colour each and play along. It works best with 4 or more people but you can arrange it whatever way you want! Make Sure everyone can se the screen.

Follow the colours on the screen and make sure the backing track is turned up nice and loud.

Try different instruments and sounds until you are ready to record!

Because we are all spending some more time at home together for a while are giving everyone a free month with the parents subscription, so for more musical fun click the link below: